We are offering scheduled virtual telehealth visits through our patient portal. Telehealth visits will be billed through insurance and may require a copay.

Wait times:  Telehealth appointments are just like office visits. If the patient before you is quite ill, the provider may be running late. If there is an office emergency, the provider may be running late. Please allow a 15 minute wait period from your scheduled time. If you are waiting longer than 15 minutes, please call the office.

Appointment length: Telehealth appointments make take from 15 to 45 minutes (new patients). Please budget time so that we can address your problems.

How to prepare

  • Choose your location, in a private place. 
  • Have your device set up and ready. 
  • Get your information ready. 
  • Jot down questions to ask before your appointment. 
  • Have your medications, creams, and inhalers ready before your appointment.
  • Take notes during your call.